Pablo Alboran (Spanish singer)

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz (born 31 May 1989) popularly known as Pablo Alborán, is a Spanish musician, singer, and songwriter. In 2011, he was nominated for three Latin Grammy…

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Αφιέρωμα: Το Festival Sanremo μέσα στο χρόνο!

Στις 24 Μαίου 1956, ο Lohengrin Filipello παρουσιάζει στο Λουγκάνο της Ελβετίας τον πρώτο διαγωνισμό τραγουδιού της Eurovision με τη συμμετοχή 7 χωρών. Η ιδέα πίσω από αυτό το μεγαλόπνοο σχέδιο που μετράει αισίως 65 χρόνια ζωής αποτέλεσε το Φεστιβάλ Τραγουδιού του Σαν Ρέμο.

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Elodie (Italian singer)

She collaborated with numerous Italian artists including Emma Marrone, Michele Bravi, Fabri Fibra, Mahmood, The Kolors and Marracash and with Daddy's Groove, as a producer.

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Paolo Meneguzzi (Italian singer)

Paolo Meneguzzi's Italian debut occurred with his participation in the young artists section at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2001. His song "Ed io non ci sto più" earned him seventh place.

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La Oreja de Van Gogh (Spanish group)

The band's lyrics and compositions are written primarily by Xabi San Martín, and additionally by Pablo Benegas and Amaia Montero. The lyrical themes of their songs typically include love, friendship and relationships. Since their debut, they have sold more than 8 million albums worldwide.

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Giorgia (Italian singer)

Giorgia Todrani, best known as Giorgia is an Italian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and radio host.. Her vocal range spans 4 octaves. One of the most iconic and famous Italian singers, she has released ten studio albums all enjoying commercial success.

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Marc Lavoine (French singer)

Marc Lavoine is a French singer born near Paris. He was labeled a heart throb at the beginning of his career and remains popular. He released his first album, Le Parking des Anges, in 1985 with his song "Elle a les yeux revolver..." as a favorite among teens. In 1987, Lavoine released his second album Fabriqué.

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Shakira (Spanish singer)

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll  is a Colombian singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Barranquilla, Shakira has been referred to as the Queen of Latin Music and is noted for her versatility in music.

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